Monday, November 16, 2009

Famous in Chi-town

Ext., book number 3 in the Book-in-a-day series, was accepted into notBig, a juried show in southern Chicago. notBig opens on December 11th at the Logsdon 1909 Gallery on South Halstead and runs until January 2nd of next year.

This selection follows right on the heels of a piece that was recently in a show in Los Angeles. Had it been a juried show, I would have posted about it. Seeing as it was unjuried, I decided to keep it mum.

Ext. is a collection of text messages from my old cellular phone, typed out in chronological order. The messages from friends and family date as far back as 2006, when I started graduate school.

Select scans from the book are posted below. The book's cover is not pictured, as it is covered in plain, old tan library buckram cloth. Nothing special.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Saying goodbye to a friend

Today we pay our respects to Petey, who passed away tragically this afternoon from mysterious causes. I first met Petey this morning as I was leaving to go to work. He was perched on my front lawn, under the gutter spout, letting drops of water fall onto his face.

One of my neighbors left some cashews out for Petey. When I returned this afternoon, Petey had moved on to a better world.

Petey, a Steller's Jay, may leave behind a Mrs Jay or some baby Jays, though they were not seen in the vicinity. Funeral services were held at 3:10 pm, when Petey was buried near the creek next to fallen plums that matched the color of his feathers.

Monday, November 2, 2009

And cousin? Business is a-boomin'

Halloween has come and gone. And it wasn't until I was smearing foundation and lipstick on my neck to make a lynching scar that I realized I like the whole idea of dressing up. My Lt. Aldo Raine costume went over pretty well, kept me nice and warm, allowed me to freely ride my bike around town, and gave me an excuse to make a knife out of wood, cardboard, and duct tape.

And, spend un-quality time playing in Photoshop, ripping off poster ideas from the movie. It's what I do: copy things.