Thursday, December 5, 2013

Julekalender is Back!

After all well-meaning intentions to get back to regular blogging and making work go out the window, an artist tends to go back to the well of familiarity. In my case, in December, it's the well of the Julekalender, a series of drawings I did back in 2010.

I've reignited the Julekalender idea and have begun drawings for each day in December. On display in this blog post is the drawing from December 1st. It's titled "Piles of Mashed Potatoes in the Shape of the Pillars of Creation," and its inspiration is a Thanksgiving staple and one of the most famous outer space photographs ever taken.

I am hoping that this year's series of drawings will work as a cohesive group, as opposed to the whimsy and randomness of the 2010 drawings. That's not to say that all of the images will feature food or space as subject matter, but you never know.

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